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THIS TRIAL AMBASSADOR MEDIA AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), is made and entered into on the date of acceptance from Ignite Now Media LLC and/or its affiliates, (BROADCASTER), and You, the(SPONSOR).


o Start date of this agreement will commence upon acceptance by both Broadcaster and Sponsor. Acceptance will be initiated by Broadcaster granting access to Sponsor and accepting access and terms to Broadcasters technology/portal.

o Term: The term length of this agreement, will determined at Broadcasters sole discretion.

o Broadcaster may cancel this agreement at any time without reason.

o Sponsor agrees to pay a transaction success fee, of 28% of Sponsor’s GCI, on all closed transactions from the leads generated by this Trial Program.

o Sponsor is in agreement that there have been no guarantees made between Broadcaster and Sponsor.

o Terms of this agreement are subject to change and Sponsor agrees to be bound by Broadcaster’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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Per Month

  • Power Player of REAL ESTATE
  • 12x Appearance on National Show
  • Paid Trip to San Diego, CA
  • 20+ Vetted Seller/Buyer Monthly Prospects
  • Basic Leads sent to you from the Show
  • Consumer Loyalty "Credit" Option to Referrals
  • Personal "Celebrity Host" Sizzle Reel
  • Listing Kit for Seller Presentations
  • Coaching Calls & Webinars
  • Client Success Representative
  • Featured on Amazon, Apple & Roku
  • Nationwide, Online Live Release of Shows
  • ADTV Marketing Collateral
  • Copies of Full Show, Segment, Promos
  • Behind the Scenes Photos
  • Opportunity to Feature High-Profile Guests
  • ADTV Website Feature
  • Private Monthly Mastermind
  • American Dream Facebook Partner Group
  • Media and Marketing Coaching from Craig Sewing, HGTV’s Seth O’Byrne
  • Use of ADTV Marketing Collateral for Listing Appointments

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