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THIS MEDIA AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), is made and entered into on the date of acceptance from Ignite Now Media LLC, Inc. (BROADCASTER),and You, the(SPONSOR).

Deliverables of the Agreement:

o Designation “Power Player of REAL ESTATE”-Trademarked term to an exclusive group per market.

o 12 Episodes on “The American Dream”. (Shoot 1 month, Air the following month, and so on).

o Basic Leads forwarded to you as a byproduct from the Show.

o Monthly group coaching calls to elevate the impact as a host of the show to your chosen target market.

o Assignment to an American Dream Client Success Representative-content/coaching/strategy.

o Current Season inclusion of American Dream TV featured on: Amazon Fire, Apple, and Roku.

o Nationwide, Online Live Release of Shows.

o AMD TV Marketing Collateral for Partner re-purposing/ promotion/ credibility (media kits, press releases, listing kits, and promos).

o Copies of: Full Show, your segment, monthly promos, and behind the scene photos for your re-purposing.

o Opportunity to invite high profile guests to leverage the show (Referral sources, Centers of Influence, Relocation, Businesses, etc.).

o Featured on American Dream Website as Power Player of Real Estate in your market (

o Participant in the American Dream Facebook Partner Group (Interact with agents nationally, cross pollinating referrals, etc.).

Partnership Terms:

o Start Date of this Agreement will be the 1st day of the following month this agreement is accepted.

o Initial setup fee of $995.00. This will be a one-time charge at the acceptance of this agreement.

o Monthly dues are $1,795.00 (Please see attached form for 6 or 12 months paid in advance).

o Term: 12 months: Partnership dues paid monthly over 12 months.

o 1st Monthly payment will be charged on the start date of the agreement. The payment covers the start month.

o All following payments due, will be on the 20th of each month, paying for the following month.

o Term extension: Upon completion of the term this agreement will automatically default to a month-to-month agreement.

o A 30-day notice of cancellation is allowed. Sponsor may not cancel prior to 6 months of payments received by Broadcaster.

o Cancellation of agreement must be completed in writing and verbally with Ignite Now Media.

o If cancellation is exercised prior to end of the term, a cancellation fee of $995.00 will be charged.

o Broadcaster may cancel this agreement at any time without cause.

o A transaction success fee, of 25% of Sponsor GCI will be paid to Broadcaster from Sponsor on all closed leads generated by Broadcaster.

o This is not a "pay for play model. We are a tv show, not a video company. Canceling show appearances, not getting scheduled, weather, etc., does not constitute or guarantee a reschedule of your shoot. It is up to the SPONSOR to ensure they are scheduled and creating content for SPONSORS episode.

o Broadcaster dictates the episode production and editing. Sponsor accepts there may be imperfections.

o Terms of this agreement are subject to change and bound by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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Per Month

+ One-Time Initiation Fee: $995.00

  • Power Player of REAL ESTATE
  • 12x Appearance on TV Show
  • Basic Leads sent to you from the Show
  • Coaching Calls & Webinars
  • ADTV Client Success Rep
  • Featured on Amazon, Apple & Roku
  • Nationwide, Online Live Release of Shows
  • ADTV Marketing Collateral
  • Copies of Full Show, segment, promos
  • Opportunity to Feature High-Profile Guests
  • ADTV Website Feature
  • American Dream Facebook Partner Group

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