Step #2: Reserve Your Spot

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For those who are SERIOUS, and KNOW they want in...
The best thing you can do is put in your credit card information. This does not guarantee
your placement, but significantly improves the likelihood.

You WILL NOT be charged if you are not selected to be part of the show
THIS MEDIA AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), is made and entered into on the date of acceptance from Ignite Now Media LLC, Inc. (BROADCASTER),and You, the(SPONSOR).

Deliverables of the Agreement:

o Designation “Power Player of REAL ESTATE”-Trademarked term to an exclusive group per market.

o 12 Episodes on “The American Dream”.

o Basic Leads forwarded to you as a byproduct from the Show.

o Monthly group coaching calls to elevate the impact as a host of the show to your chosen target market.

o Assignment to an American Dream Client Success Representative-content/coaching/strategy.

o Current Season inclusion of American Dream TV featured on: Amazon Fire, Apple, and Roku.

o Nationwide, Online Live Release of Shows.

o AMD TV Marketing Collateral for Partner re-purposing/ promotion/ credibility (media kits, press releases, listing kits, and promos).

o Copies of: Full Show, your segment, monthly promos, and behind the scene photos for your re-purposing.

o Opportunity to invite high profile guests to leverage the show (Referral sources, Centers of Influence, Relocation, Businesses, etc.).

o Featured on American Dream Website as Power Player of Real Estate in your market (

o Participant in the American Dream Facebook Partner Group (Interact with agents nationally, cross pollinating referrals, etc.).

Partnership Terms:

o Start Date of this Agreement will be the 1st day of the following month this agreement is accepted.

o Initial setup fee of $995.00. This will be a one-time charge at the acceptance of this agreement.

o Monthly dues are $1,495.00 (Please see attached form for 6 or 12 months paid in advance).

o Term: 12 months: Partnership dues paid monthly over 12 months.

o 1st Monthly payment will be charged on the start date of the agreement. The payment covers the start month.

o All following payments due, will be on the 20th of each month, paying for the following month.

o Term extension: Upon completion of the term this agreement will automatically default to a month-to-month agreement.

o A 30-day notice of cancellation is allowed. Sponsor may not cancel prior to 6 months of payments received by Broadcaster.

o Cancellation of agreement must be completed in writing and verbally with Ignite Now Media.

o If cancellation is exercised prior to end of the term, a cancellation fee of $995.00 will be charged.

o Broadcaster may cancel this agreement at any time without cause.

o A transaction success fee, of 25% of Sponsor GCI will be paid to Broadcaster from Sponsor on all closed leads generated by Broadcaster.

o This is not a "pay for play model. We are a tv show, not a video company. Canceling show appearances, not getting scheduled, weather, etc., does not constitute or guarantee a reschedule of your shoot. It is up to the SPONSOR to ensure they are scheduled and creating content for SPONSORS episode.

o Broadcaster dictates the episode production and editing. Sponsor accepts there may be imperfections.

o Terms of this agreement are subject to change and bound by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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