Getting Started with The American Dream

By getting this far in the casting process, you likely know by now whether or not you'd like to see yourself featured on The American Dream. If so, we would love to invite you to submit a casting application in which we will ask you a series of short questions to help qualify you for the show. It is important to note, not everyone will be selected. To get started, simply click on the "Apply Now" button above and submit the brief 5-minute application. Once complete, our producers will review your application and provide you with a notice to proceed if you are selected. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How is this different from Video? 

What if I'm nervous about being on TV? 

How do I learn more about the show?

Will you help coach me? 

How do I come up with content?

What is my ROI of being on the show? 

What is the viewership?

How many Realtors are selected? 

How do I leverage the show to get more listings? 

What if I'm too busy? 

What do I get as a partner of The American Dream?


Seth O'Byrne

San Diego, CA

Watch Seth dominate this timeless episode by highlighting the San Diego lifestyle. From working as a crew member with the builder, to listing the penthouse 16 years later, Seth truly represents the true essence of The American Dream. 

Scott Goshorn

Los Angelas, CA

Ever wonder what it's like to live like a Rockstar in Los Angelas? If so, Scott Goshorn will show you the way. From an early AM workout, to driving super cars, to an over-the-top open house, Scott show's us his true marketing genius. 

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